Friendship with ex.. any chance or any point?

My ex of two years broke up with me a month ago. He broke up with me because he didn’t feel the same about me anymore. We had a very big argument in March and he said his feelings changed since then. It was a weekend that marked 6 months since my mums passing and also 3 months since we lost a baby. I folded and broke down. He was out with mates and I repeatedly rang him for 1 and a half days crying and been so weirdly emotional and needy. I got help since that weekend (counselling). Anyway he said it didn’t feel right since then, how he loved me when we were together but when we weren’t he felt different.

We went no contact for the first month and spoke yesterday. We have decided to meet up as friends next week. He said his feelings weren’t going to change and he doesn’t want to try finding his feelings but also said he doesn’t know if they’ll ever come back. He said when initially broke up he questioned if he made the right decision for a while then decided he did the right thing. He said he cares deeply for me and loves me just isn’t in love. I told him I contemplated blocking him from everything and he said that would make him really sad to know he couldn’t talk to me again. He also said he misses me.

We always had a strong connection and got on so well. everyone was shocked to hear it had ended. I obviously want him back. I do believe he is the love of my life I have never felt anything like I do with him. I don’t know what to do though. I don’t want to let go of everything we had and I genuinely could do with a friend right now as all my mates are living abroad and I am very lonely. I would like to build a friendship with him for now while still obviously moving on. I am back on a dating site. But I still would like to hear other peoples advice on what I should do etc. Is there any chance as friends he may start to feel anything? Thanks
Friendship with ex.. any chance or any point?
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