Should I try to remain friends with my ex-boyfriend?

I met my ex-boyfriend five years ago this December at my parents' hometown but I had not seen him for four years. This year in May, I went for two weeks and we became friends. The first week I was there I knew he had a girlfriend but she broke up with him because she started seeing another guy. After they broke up, we became really good friends because she was jealous of me and wouldn’t let him hang around me while they were going out. Then during the summer I went back for a little more than two months. He asked me out the third week of me being there. But he seemed different with me, he was distant. We talked more when we were friends than when he was my boyfriend. But he was really jealous when I hung around other guys. My last night there, I broke it off and told him we could remain friends because everyone told me long distance relationships didn't work and they told me a lot of things about him. But he didn't seem to contest it so I assume he was fine with the break-up. He gave me a last kiss and a really tight hug but he also told me let's see what happens between us next time you come. I texted him a few times. I went out clubbing about a month after the break up and he heard about it and he did not like it one bit. And a week or two after I heard that he danced with his ex-ex girlfriend so I assume they are back together. (And I am not going to deny it, it hurt when I heard about it. Was he just playing with me? Using me to make his ex-girlfriend jealous? )I know I have to go back soon but I am not sure whether I should talk to him or not because I am pretty sure his current girlfriend isn't going to like it one bit. But if I don't talk to him it will cause awkwardness since he is a family friend and we hang out with the same people. Please help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.


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  • Yeah there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are okay with it.


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