My boyfriend is friends with his ex again...

Just a few days ago, they became friends again, and ever since he's been ditching me to hang out with her and her group of friends.. there are a lot of guys of course, but still... I don't know what to do. I trust him, but I'm afraid he'll realize he misses her or something. Things have become a tiny bit awkward in between us now.. I find it harder to look him in the eyes and talk to him now that he's not with me as much. I miss what we used to be just a week ago ;( I've cried all week because of this... I need some help to make me think positive and feel better :(

btw, we've been together for 7 months...

guys, what do you think this means? ...we've been together 7 months, you don't think he's gonna leave me for his ex? :S are they just catching up on what they've been missing for 7 months? just friends? :/


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  • Well you've been together for quite a while! This actually is happening to me also, he became friends with his Ex again and started hanging out with her and sometimes blowing me off for her. I cried a lot too, but the truth is, he admitted to me that he just wanted to catch up with her, and I figured out how to work it out. I started being friends with her too, I know it sounds crazy like 'oh my god I can't be buddies with his EX girlfriend' But it works because I made a good friend and I got to spend my time with my boyfriend at the same time. Join in there activities, and be nice to them.

    If you guys have been together for seven months I'm absolutley positive he won't just leave you for her, he probably just wants to catch up or hang out, and guys-if you sometimes haven't noticed aren't very good with leting their emotions be known. Just don't get overworked and keep a level head-that means don't jump to un real conclusions. Just because he hangs out with her doesn't mean there going behind your back or anything. If its truly bothering you confront him about it and explain you trust him, but you just want to know why he ditches you to go for her. That's the last step you want to do because it could lead to him believing you don't believe him.

    But I honestly believe you guys will remain together for a longg time :D

  • Talk to him! BEFORE you get assumptions! Talk. That's all you have to do. Whether he's honest or not. He NEEDS to know how you feel. Trust me. Or may god strike me now. :) It will work out.


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