Hey guys, here is a funny story?

Well, also for me the break up moment arrived (almost 7 months ago). He did broke my heart after two long years relationship, but right now I'm honestly having the time of my life.
I have always considered him as a good guy with a gold heart, even when he broke up with me (because too young and from two very different and far countries), he seemed very upset and sad.

We were always in good terms because we couldn't find a reason for actually stop talking. Rarely he used to text me or open a conversation with me, but nothing More than that.

We usually go in different pubs because we have different taste, but suddenly he appears every single time in the same club where I go. Pretty annoying because I respect him and I dont want to go with other guys in front of his face.

Casualty or not, I met an old friend of mine one night in the club (damn he was very hot), I decided to grab a drink but nothing more than that (my ex was right in front of me) .
I regret not doing anything, so two days after, same club same people, I sit again with him in the bar and (when my ex wasn't looking.. I guess) I kissed him.

My ex came talking to me some days after saying that he was disappointed and that I dont respect him. I apologized and I said that I dont want to play any game with him; I want us to be good and that's it.

The genius guy, the night after, grab a girl that I heard he kissed already in a party, and literally kissed her in front of my eyes. Quite low from him.. In the inside I didn't feel anything, just a bit angry and disappointed.
Also, I can't stop thinking about it, but at the same time I dont feel anything..

Help, why is he doing this?
Hey guys, here is a funny story?
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