Bipolar Girlfriend Broke Up With me?

I was with my girlfriend for 2.5 months. (She's 20, I'm 21) We both met off Tinder and everything was going pretty good form the start. She mentioned to me on the first date she's taking a break from sex, but we still messed around a bit. (She said she hasn't dated much, she does more hookups, but she wanted a relationship)

We made plans to do stuff all the time, and she eventually told me a few weeks into our relationship that she had Bipolar Depression. I didn't think much of it, but I was cautious about it. As we got further into dating, she seemed to draw back a bit more than she used to.

She a few times had panic attacks, to which I'd try my best to calm her down and talk her out of suicidal thoughts - to which she really appreciated. During us dating: her parents got divorced, and she moved in with her mom, which she took pretty hard.

One time being out with her she broke down crying saying I'm gonna hate her, because she wants nothing sexual at all, to which I said okay.

I rarely ever saw her, due to her working constantly, so I'd see her only on the weekends for a short period of time... but One time when I was with her, I was kind of messing around with her, and she started crying. I calmed her down, and continued to slowly do it (It was grinding, but I regret it) But she mentioned she had bad partners previously (15+ of them) and I thought I could maybe heal her: I gave her full control in it which she seemed to enjoy. (Later used it against me)

A few days ago she was acting extremely distant, I asked her. Finally after talking a bit, she said she didn't enjoy that I messed around with her and that she HATED sex (tbh), and she said that basically after we begun dating she had strong vibes we weren't ment to be together, then said stuff about the divorce, and moving and said the time wasn't right and that I'd find a better girl.

We're still friends, and she said I can talk to her anytime. I just cannot stop being depressed about my idiot mistakes.
1 y
I honestly just feel that I'll never get a better girlfriend than her.. I've tried using Tinder again but nothing ever works.
Bipolar Girlfriend Broke Up With me?
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