Why do guys contact their ex?

After talking so much shh about the ex, yet goes and contacts her...says he was bored & had nothing to do, so he traveled about 1 hr to meet up with her & talked in her car, saying he just gave her a hug & they spoke for like 40 min...Seriously I don't get it? If you talked so much sh*t before why would you even go see her, let alone drive so far to meet up with her... (FYI, this happened a long time ago *couple of years ago actually* to me, but still boggles my mind, since he left this girl for me)


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  • Guys tend to idealize their ex's, especially if they are having trouble with their current girlfriends. It's part of the whole "grass is always greener" phenomenon. In your case though, it sort of sounds like he either had some unfinished business to discuss with her (emotional stuff, not finances) and then he was able to put her behind him, or else talking to her reminded him of why he left her in the first place. Either way, I don't believe that he contacted her because he was just bored, but he clearly didn't want to go into depth with you why he did it, or what he wanted to say to her. As long as he isn't still seeing her, I would recommend that you just respect his privacy and let it be.

    • I have & I did, this happened 2 years ago, I just don't want to feel like he may do it again if we're having issues or do a break type of thing, ya know...anyone would feel this way...but thank you for the insight, helped a lot

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