Ex Boyfriend Says he’s thinking about me?

My ex texted me saying “Hey. Just thinking about you” after we had argued last week about our post break up relationship. He wants to take things slow rather than jumping back into a “full” relationship and I was scared and argued with him as I didn’t want to be “just another girl”. I found out he cheated and that let to us breaking up. But I saw his view after the 2 days worth of arguing as we should take things slow to rebuild but I got scared as I was once in a certain position in his life and didn’t want to compete again with anyone else for his attention. So I apologized and he ignored me for 3 days. Then texted me saying the aforementioned text. What do you guys think it means?

We have been together for 3 1/2 years.
Ex Boyfriend Says he’s thinking about me?
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