He said he's not the one for me at all. How can I get him back?

My boyfriend just broke up with after a month and a half..we argued before..but this time he said he can't be with me at all how I need attention..and he can't give that to me..he's not the one for me..He said I'm the best ill live..I told him don't forget about me..he said Never I left my mark on him..

How can I get him back I love him dearly and he finally responded back to my text after a couple of days..I don't want no one but him..how can I get him to understand I don't need attention..and he's the one


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  • I think you can win him back..you just need to give him some space... try this for more tactics --> link


What Girls Said 1

  • i just broke it off with my boyfriend for the same reason. thought he deserved better. The relationship was perfect he was a gentalman the whole time. HE would always opean doors 4 me, he made sure everyone knew I was his, he loves pda. He was everything I want and wanted. But I'm too messed up fpr him. My life isn't perfect and I made some mistakes, I felt like he was perfection wile I was still messed up and I thought he deserves someone who is perfect. he was me first love and will always be apart of me. We were in love, it was really strong too but I didn't want to ruin him. He'll make some girl happy one day. just not me. I still love him even though it's been 6 months since I broke his heart and mine and I regret it every day. Maby you should ask him why he's saying that. cause if I had a second chance with him I would take it.


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