He didn't look back at me?

I was talking to this guy and my friend said "You'd know that he's really into you if he looks at while you walk away after talking to him."

I walked away and slightly looked back (make sure it wasn't obvious) and he wasn't looking at me. Do I take it as he's not interested? He doesn't think I'm attractive? Was the convo bad?

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  • I always look at a girl's butt when she's walking away, imagining my face between her cheeks. Butt that's just me. :)~~~~~~

    Anyway...he might be the "gentlemen" type who doesn't want you catching him eyeing your financial asset statement might you interpret that as him being too lusty and perverse. I wouldn't give that too much thought.


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  • Do -you- constantly look at the person you were talking to while they are walking away after you've talked to them? If not, then you shouldn't expect others to do so either. People don't do that for ages. They don't do it all the time either. Like, if he's thinking about something and occupied with it, he'll have better things to do. You can't make absolute assumptions from something so minor.

  • This ain't a fing movie, you think this is serendipity? Plus he may have looked back probably to check out your ass but what are the odds that you looked right when he looked. Stop being so damn insecure. If he calls you then he calls you if he doesn't you probably have a flat ass. Send pics for free consultation

    • I didn't give him my number and my butt is far from flat and that's a fact.

    • haha fair enough, but still your reading way to far into as the gentleman above me said things like that haven't happend in ages. However you guys decided to get a hold of each other and assuming from how old fashion you want things to be I'm assuming homing pigeon, if he contacts you then he contacts you. Now its also okay for you to make the next move too. Some guys like a more aggressive women, it means less work for us.

  • You are WAY over thinking this.


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