Guys and Girls: What's the nicest thing someone ever did for you?

Lets send out a ray of sunshine! There are those that don't see all the good in the world, they only see that bad. Lets give them a hand!


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  • Well, this is something I did for someone. I was standing in a packed bus and it was pretty loud and uncomfortable. The driver made a really sharp turn on those wide highway exits. A small asian girl standing next to me lost her grip on the handrails from the turn. My quick reflexes allowed me to put my hand on her middle back supporting her while the driver makes the turn. If I didn't do that, she would have fallen on top of a fat white guy sitting next to us. She said "thanks" then quickly left the bus on the next stop. haha.

    It wasn't much but I felt happy saving her the embarrassment of mounting on top of that fat guy (not that I have anything against fat people but he looked disgusting).

    • its always nice to save others from embarrassment! maybe she was embarrassed she had to be saved, though, ha ha :)

    • Nah, it wasn't really noticeable to anyone but me/her and maybe the guy sitting next to us.

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