Is it best to not contact him right now?

My ex has tried to get back with me for a while. HIs issues caused our breakup. I agreed to be friends with him and see what would happen. In other words, give him time to earn my trust and respect back. He got a new girlfriend recently, and is still trying to get me back. I told him that we were frineds. I think that is pretty chill of me considering he has a girlfriend. Well he then got all moody and hasn't contacted me since then. I feel like he is trying to manipulate me and make me feel guilty, which makes no sense since he has a girlfriend. It is fairly selfish of him to want me around plus this girlfriend. Do you think the best thing to do is not contact him?


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  • Yes. definitely don't contact him. he has a new girlfriend and ruined any chance he had of getting back together with you. be strong and don't contact him. you deserve better and you should move on.

  • Yes, exactly. You're being brilliant about it all. I don't understand his problem. If he wants you back, he's going about it the wrong way.

    He doesn't really deserve your attention right now. Don't contact him. He'll miss you no doubt.

    • thank you:) we will see. and noo his is not going about it the right way...same reasons we broke Ill let you know of the progress!

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