Guy problems - help from anyone would be nice?

i went out with a guy, he finished me because he thinks of me more of a sister and doesn't want to hurt me in the relationship. Now he's seeing someone else (not going out so he can still kiss and flirt etc with other girls), as we're married on facebook he thinks its still alrite to kiss me and turn me on all the time. I've told him to stop plenty of times but he only stops when she's not around.

What the hell is going on in his brain!?! its only been 2 weeks since we broke up but why does he still do this do you think?


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  • Why on earth do you put up with him pawing you when he's officially announced he's committed elsewhere? He doesn't sound all that attractive!

    You can do better; think of what your're probably missing while you're with him!


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  • If he says you are like a sister then he should stop leading you on. 2 weeks? sh*t that's not very nice of him!

  • Divorce him on facebook. Don't be just friends either. He isn't your brother or your friend, because he doesn't care about hurting you. He's doing it now. I gotta say, I've got 2 sisters, and I don't act that way with them!

    You are letting him turn you on. Nobody else can turn you on without your permission. I'll prove it to you: "Hey baby, you are now on!" See how ridiculous that was?

    Get a taser.


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  • I think he's being a baby and you need to step up and show him whose boss. Honestly he has to make up his mind rather than what he's doing now. Don't be used. If you still like him DON'T tell him. It sounds as if he would use that against you, if you want him back then ignore him make out like you have somewhere to be, mention some guys you think are nice and act interested in them. He'll get jealous and want you back but yeah if it's simply you need to get rid of him wouldn't the smart thing to do be remove him form relationship status on fb?

    It really depends on what you want to happen next.


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