Breaking up via text?

Why do so many people make a huge fuss when people break up via text?

I've had an ex girlfriend break up with me via text. While it sucked, i didn't mind it was done through text. Allowed her to express her concerns more honestly. As long as you give an explanation and its not blind sided, i see nothing wrong with it. If anything, it might of been harder on me if she did it in person

I am currently dating a girl for 3 months that I plan on ending it soon. Just no chemistry and we hardly have time for eachother. We'd be lucky to meet up once every 2 weeks. Considering just ending it via text but everyone tells me to do it in person. Everytime we meet she tries to seduce me or plan an elaborate date to make it difficult for a breakup. If i ask her to meet up to talk, its going to be obvious with our recent arguments about our relationship concerns that i intend to break up and she'll definitely ask why. If I schedule this meetup to break up with her and we both know its happening, why the formal process of meeting up? She is pretty masterful at manipulation through seduction or making someone feel bad for her, which works a lot less when not in person. I have no quarrels with meeting up, I just find it unecessary when both parties know the reasons and its communicated.

So again, why are face to face interactions necessary for break ups?

Breaking up via text?
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