Girls please let me know if this is wrong on any level?

I was just wondering if you found yourself in a situation where you have been friendly with this guy for a long time and you just recently found out that he liked you. You are not interested in him that way. You also have a boyfriend I would assume you would find a way for you or one of your friends to mention your boyfriend to the guy as a polite way of telling him to back off. You would find some way of getting the message across to the guy to back off. I would assume to continue to be over friendly to the guy or offering him a piece of pizza would not be the way to get that message accross. Am I wrong thinking this


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  • There's nothing wrong with having a boyfriend, but one of your guy friends likes you. You shouldn't shun him, but the girl should not flirt or lead him on. Friends are friends, after all. She should mention her boyfriend on occaison and make it clear she has no intention of leaving him.

    • Not wrong with having a boyfriend I agree. I just wish she would mention the boyfriend. She is very good people I do not want to put her in a difficult position

    • That is interesting...maybe when you guys are chatting ask how he's doing. Judge her reaction.

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  • No your not wrong at all. You would get the message across directly or in directly. Offering Pizza and continuing to be over friendly is just an ego boost on the girls behalf. She loves the attention and the tease at the guys expense. Not a nice personality trait really.

  • It's not really wrong if she told you she wasn't interested and had a boyfriend. It means just that.

    • I agree not wrong at all. She has not said either to me. That is why I am a little confussed here.

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