A breakup - 2 years on - What do I do?

In need of a bit of advice.
I had a long term relationship (5years) that came to an end at the end of 2016. I thought I was going to marry this guy, we were so in love and of course it absolutely broke my heart. There's a lot to it but the breakup came out of nowhere it was such a shock. He made the decision and it was honestly like this personality change over night. To this day I still have zero closure he couldn't even give me a reason ( the day before he had been desperately telling me he could never lose me, wanted to marry me). So since then I've been through a lot of pain and emotion and I have struggled letting go, still holding hoping that somehow we'd work it out again one day.
I'm someone who's super sentimental about things like photos - my entire Instagram is full of photos of us. For a long time I kept them there because I just thought- it was a massive part of my life, they've been posted and everyone who follows me had already seen them.
Now coming to two years later I'm in 2 minds. I'm still of course dealing with the hurt and missing him but I also know I need to move on with my own life. I'll be going to university soon and meeting a lot of new people. The thought crossed my mind that those people will of course at some point see my Instagram - I'm not stressed or panicked about it's something can't seem to decide on. Is it just time to just grow the balls to remove the photos and stop attaching so much emotion to them?
If you look close enough you can see the photos are old by the dates being 2016 but since then, in these 2 years I've not really posted much so from first glance they look recent. - I'm happy to explain and tell people if they ask because it was a part of my life-& I'm not ready yet but if the day came where I wanted to meet someone new I'm sure I'll delete them. But for now I can't work out if it's just ridiculous to keep these photos on my account or what. Just need a bit of honest advice what others would do?
A breakup - 2 years on - What do I do?
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