Stuck between holding on and letting go?

I have the most wonderful boyfriend. Everyone approves of our relationship including parents and he's been nothing but wonderful. See the only catch is he hurt me extremely bad and I lost a lot of feelings and decided to give him a second chance. Everything was perfect and to this day he does everything for me this is 4 months after we started fresh. But I don't know why I still have interest in others. I don't know if it is because I still feel pain from the bad beginning or if I should blame myself for being a complete jerk. I mean I am young and I still need time and freedom and I am not sure if I fear leaving him because I'll be alone, people will blame me and other things or if I simply do not want to leave. My family loves him and she never stops saying things about him which makes the situation a lot more complicated. Then again I'm not sure if I should because I still want to explore this world. I recently started talking to a friend that crushed on me before and I kinda like him now. I do not know what to do because we started to show signs we like each other and after this weekend he had pictures with other girls and I was left so confused…my boyfriend always get jealous of this guy but I have never said that I actually have a crush on him. My boyfriend sees how his mistake from the start really affected me and how it can really be the karma that hits him. Anyways please help m is it my fault if I do lose feelings for him since he did hurt me at the beginning? Do you think I’ll get over the pain? Or should I leave now? I'm so confused please help me!


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  • I'm going to tell you one thing and one thing only; relationships that YOU'RE in are decided by YOU and are run by YOU and ANOTHER. Just because your family and friends go coo-coo over you two doesn't mean it's right for you. Dig deep into that heart of yours and figure out what YOU want.

    Life is way too f***ing short to waste doing something you don't approve of. Live how you want, not how everyone thinks you should.


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  • This is crazy cause that same thing has happened to me, I just found out today that my boyfriend has been lying about something he promised never to do. everyone loves him even my parents approve but honestly I almost left him today.. its hard cause I love him and sometimes we want our love for someone to overcome the mistakes they've made but sometimes that's not even enough. I'm young also and I don't think anyone wants to stay with someone that will just hurt them. I've learned over the years the key is to forgive but never forget, because when you forget then that's when they think they can get away with it again. Now if you feel that you can truly forgive him then I think you can get over it. But if really feel like you can't get over the mistake that he's made then I can tell you right now its not going to work out between you too and it would be best to just move on. Depending on what he did, so say he cheated on you. LEAVE NOW. I've been with so many men that have cheated on me and I've , I tried to work it out that sh*t never works. NEVER...Go with what you heart is telling you. But I hoped I helped.

    • i really appreciate your comment. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!

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