Will he come back to me?

Me and my boyfriend are not speaking to each other since a long time. He is very egoistic person. I called him too many time but he did not respond.. After a week or so he messaged me sorry.. I did not reply the next day he again sent and I did not reply but so he said that he is guilty and he will not message any more to me now... Then I called him the other day so again he did not pick up... After trying 2 3 times he picked, I asked him to speak to me that night he said he'll see if he's able to.. So that night when I called it was switched off.. So finally I wrote a goodbye message to him..The next day night he called but I had slept to missed it and in morning I messaged that sorry had slept and then after that there is no contact its been 3 days.. Will he come back again?


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  • Why Don't you go round to his house and tlk to him face to face. or ring him and don't let him hang up and if he does then ring back.why have you both fell out this could be important to know ?. don't worry about it if he doesn't come back then never mind there's plenty more fish in the see =]

    • he is in a different state...

      its an insult for me if I call so many times and h doesn't pick up!

    • ah maybe that's a bit more difficult then ... I don't really know what else I could say really

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