Are there any conservative women in their late twenties left in the United States?

I can't find any women in my area that are conservatives anymore. They seem to not have any moral standards judging by their interests and the crap they watch on TV and either don't care about politics or think Obama is the greatest thing to happen to America (He's the worst!)


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  • Such a insightful question. You, my friend, get 5 stars.

    In today's age, it's considered unpopular to be a conservative. Many girls feel they need to do what's trendy and what's in style. In this case, being liberal is so hip and trendy, that they just can't help themselves. I have nothing against liberals, but when people attack me because I'm a conservative, it pisses me off. Girls are more afraid to be judged by others because the media has basically brainwashed them. Nowadays, it seems like people are very robotic. They let others dictate the decisions they make.

    Many girls and guys are followers. In other words, they are easily "programmable."

    Many liberals are very quick to judge you if you are in fact a conservative. The lady executive of NPR told Juan Williams, he needed to see a psychiatrist. He has many liberal viewpoints, but the fact was she disliked how he worked for Fox News Channel. Fox News is a conservative leaning network. The liberals preach tolerance and political correctness like it's a religion or something. They are happy if you agree with them, BUT god forbid you disagree with their views...then your vilified for expressing your opinions and speaking your mind. It's complete garbage in my opinion.

    Personally, I'd be so thankful to meet a conservative girl. There are not many where I live and I think it's why I'm so picky about girls.


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  • I completely agree with you and Xenophobia. Personally I was raised in a conservative family and chose to be conservative in my adult life. I have noticed that even in gthe south the number of young conservatives has greatly decreased. Suddenly being liberal and backing Obama was "cool" and it was going to make history if he got elected. The sad thing is I feel that a lot of people got so wrapped up on the celebrity of it all and neglected to actually listen to what Obama was saying and how he planned to run the nation. I know he promised change, but he never really explained clearly if it was going to be good.

    I deal with being judged for being conservative a lot more now that I am going back to school. I have a republican sticker on my car and some of the other students are constantly trying to convert me. It does not bother me unless the people trying to convince I am wrong can't hold an intelligent conversation about why they support liberal view. Just because or Obama promises change is not enough lol.

  • I consider myself conservative in the way I dress & act. But, politcally, I'm independent. I don't vote based on what political party someone is, but based on what their morals are & plans for this country.


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  • how is he the worst

  • Nope.


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