Should he be dumped?

lets say your boyfriend meets a girl. they're friends (and I use that term loosely). however, you catch him checking her out/mentioning her more and more. they get along really well, even you like her... so you ask him how he feels about her because you're getting paranoid and he says something along the lines of 'i think she's cool. I really like her'. and when you ask how much he likes her he blushes and you dump him before he cheats? are you overreacting?


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  • gurrrllll...i wouldn't say dump him before he cheats because he has cheated yet. if you honestly believe he actually likes her and he will cheat on you with her. prepare yourself to be only his friend. because if he does and when he does, it won't be a terrible break up. I don't believe you are paranoid. females know these things. this may be a little childish, but I would say you meet a guy and you guys become friends. bring him around and everything so your boyfriend can meet him. talk about him just as he does for her. it may make him realize what he's been doing. but I would choose the less childish approach which is just ask him. tell him that you are uncomfortable a little about the way he talks about her all the time like she is his girlfriend. ask him and tell him how you feel. make sure you are mature about it. have a friendly approach.


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