How do I treat an ex-boyfriend I haven't seen in over a year

how should I treat my ex-boyfriend when he comes back home to his country? we were together for four years and he broke up with me for another girl .. its been a year since we've seen each other... I think we are on good terms but I'm still really upset with how he dealt with stuff...should I expresss how I feel about that to him ? or completely ignore him when he comes? I think I have built up anger

  • Express how I feel about how he dealt with stuff
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  • Completely ignore him when he's here
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  • if you are still upset and have built up anger... its better you avoid seeing him until you have gotten over it. confronting him will not help and may just upset you even more.

  • I don't think it'll be such a good idea to see him right now, you haven't moved past your feelings, whatever went wrong is something of the past and if you don't learn to leave that behind your gonna snap when you see him, that will make you look like te crazy ex who after a year hasn't gotten over me and your gonna give him a funny story to tell his friend.


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