She decided to end the engagement, Why hasn't she sent the ring back yet?

-Long distance relationship, both have been planning it from the beginning, since more than 2 years so I went to her country, met her parents, proposed her with a family heirloom ring. -She accepted it in joy - 3-4 months after the engagement, she broke it off, mainly due to trust issues - 20 days after break up, I asked her amicably, and she told "it can't be rebuilt again, the damage is done" and about the ring "I will send it back of course". Near-complete silence afterwards. - 3.5 months after the break up, I asked again, this time in a strict, formal way when she is planning to send it back. She replied immediately "I'm sorry I had a tough time recently, of course I will send it back. I have it packed already. I replied "thanks" and that's all. -It has been 20 days since this conversation and nothing happened yet. It has been over 4 months after she broke up. What can be the reason? laziness/being busy or keeping the doors open for a future reconsideration?
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It was my mother's ring and she knew it and got overwhelmed about it even before I brought it to her. Also she knows that I'm not rich and the economical level of our countries are more or less the same. so I don't know if she would wait for 2.5 years just for a ring's worth of financial gains. Plus since it is already a second hand ring from 80s, jewelery stores wouldn't buy it for more than a couple of hundred bucks. She still hasn't removed my relatives on social media yet.
She decided to end the engagement, Why hasn't she sent the ring back yet?
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