Missing and wanting him back.

My boyfriend of 9 months broke up with me about 2 months ago. The reason is still unknown. I was defiantly in love with him, and still am. He was the same. Then he just broke up with me one day. Said he "didn't feel the same" and that "he would never get back with me again" It absolutely killed me. It still hurts. I want nothing more than to have him back one day. Its so odd because he still hugs me, talks to me, and looks at me like he used to. We've both moved on to other people, but when I look at him, everything races back. I lost so much. I just wish I could have him back. So what I'm asking is advice from you guys, how could I help to get him back? & what's you opinion of all this. Thanks.


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  • Don't try to get him back. He obviously doesn't want you for a relationship. Move on, don't talk to him, look at him and walk the other direction when you see him. You're never going to get over it if you don't and he's still never going to get back with you. |:


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