Should I make a pact with my ex?

My boyfriend and I broke up a week ago because he got tired of me getting jealous with his girl friends and co-workers. We were together for 2 years. He's friendly with other girls, he didn't mind about how i felt. He gets very mad at me whenever I get jealous, broke up with me many times. So I just let him go because I know I had hurt him.

Last night he asked if we could talk for the last time. He was crying nonstop I just comforted him and wish him the best because he'll finally have a chance to meet a girl who is not like me. He was really sad even if he was the one who walked away from our relationship. He said he really can't do it without me. He's sorry that he broke his promises to marry me someday. I told him it's okay. I'm kind of in the stage of moving on. I didn't even cry while were were talking. It was hard for him, I told him to not bother me and move on because I will be away for 2 years. He said he'll wait for me. He told me that after that two years we will get married. He wants to meet me before I leave at the end of this month and have written agreement that we will be together again after two years. I know it sounds crazy and unbelievable. He said that we can date other people within those years but no sex. He wants to date other girls so that he can move on from me. And when the time comes we will leave whoever we're dating and we will get back together.

A part of me wants to do it only to help him move on. and once he's happy with someone else, I will just ignore our agreement. The other part wants to take risk and be with him again to make things right.

Enlighten me before I do something that I might regret. Thank you.
Should I make a pact with my ex?
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