He's mad at me?

The guy I like is mad at me. He blamed me for ignoring him. He said he was saying hi and I ignored him. I also said hello to him then how was I ignoring him. How did I ignore him when I said hello too?

Did he want me to talk to him and I didn't so he got mad as he was talking quite rudely? The moment I asked him can I talk to him, he was like what do you want to talk to me about? Completely blunt :(


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  • Sounds like he has too high of expectations for you to respond to him as quickly as possible. There's no reason for him to be rude to you like that as I'm sure you're not going to answer him immediately every time. I would ask him why he acted out the way he did because its never a good feeling to have someone be angry at you for a reason you're uncertain of. If he continues this behavior while disrespecting you, I'd suggest breaking up because this is a trivial thing to be mad about in general when there are more important matters people can be concerned about.

    • He used to ignore me so i stopped approaching him and he suddenly started saying hello how are u etc to me. I also said these but didn't go further as he would keep walking on but he gave me serious annoyed looks after i didn't say anything after his hi/how are u.
      Then when i went to clarify the situation he was rude and now he doesn't want to hear the full apology

    • That's pretty insensitive of him to do that since you only wanted to know what he was thinking. A relationship is meant to be about communicating each other's needs and wants. If he's going to give you the silent treatment, how will this work out in the long run? I'm sure you're looking for him to be more cooperative and open how he feels instead of being rude and ignoring you.

    • Yes. I never thought he would be so blunt and rough. He was clearly angry and he didn't even look convinced that i wasn't ignoring him. He was listening to me but kept staring and was coming off as rude.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I see it as a RED flag! Things come up or you could be grabbing food and he gets pissed without asking first! And the fact you even responded shows there's something wrong and this probably won't be the first time or the last for him to do something like this.

    • He didn't believe me when i said i wasn't ignoring him. He used to ignore me so i stopped approaching him and he suddenly stopped ignoring me and started saying hello how are u etc. I also responded back but didn't talk further as he kekt walking on. But he got pissed, gave me serious annoyed looks and got rude. Why?

    • Mm i was in a similar situation like this before. i think the best thing to do is just sit down and talk with him i would have done the same thing in your shoes. Maybe since you didn't go with him he got pissed and it seemed like you aren't as interested? But regardless best thing to do is talk

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  • Sounds like an asshole... if you want a wife beater boyfriend choose this route

    • But why think he is an asshole?

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    • Do u think he could be possessive too?

    • Yeah, most probably

  • Stupid asshole. Dump him and find another guy who respects you.

    • Why is he an asshole?

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    • No i haven't. I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him but I'm pretty sure it was because i wasn't saying anything more than a hi. He also called me an acquaintance with whom he has nothing to say to but apparently I'm ignoring him :(

    • Ok. So did you talk to him then?

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  • He was probably expecting an immediate response. Not a good type of guy to date, just warning you


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