Why did he ask me about other guys if we're just friends?

My ex and I are now "just friends" But We still text a couple times a week. Long story short this is a summary of the conversation:

Him: "What have you been up to lately?"

Me: "Working like crazy."

Him: "That's good, keeps you out of trouble."

Me: "Troubles fun though."

Him: "That's not the point. lol"

Me: "I don't get in much trouble, you know me. lol I went shopping the other day though, that was fun."

Him: "Sweet see any cute guys there?"

Me: "Wasn't looking." (I still like him)

Him: "Sure"

Me: "What's that mean?"

Him: "lol"

----Why would he ask me about cute guys? Does this mean he still like me? And why did he avoid answering the question?

10 min later:

Me: "Are you OK?"

30 min later:

Him: "Yeah. I was just working out and taking a shower." (He usually will say brb or ttyl and not just leave...)

Me: "OK. You seemed mad earlier just wanted to make sure."

Him: "I'm not mad, I was just playing around with you."

Me: "OK goodnight." (It was late)

Him: "Cya girl."

---Girl? He never calls me that! Is he mad at me or something? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!


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  • i think he's trying to see if you're with anyone right now without being too obvious about it


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