Should I let him go?

So there's this guy I've known for the past 5years, I knew he liked another girl but recently he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted, but when we got together, he didn't seem all that into me, when we were together I was always the one who initiated physical contact, and when I confronted him about it, he told me he was uncomfortable, this was confusing to me because he didn't have a problem with physical contact with the other girl... So I kept asking him questions until finally he told me that the only reason he'd asked me out was cuz he thought that by going out with me, he'd get over the other girl, but clearly it wasn't happening cuz his heart still belonged to her even though she's in a happy relationship with someone else. Now I don't know whether I should forgive him for lying to me, because before I agreed to go out with him I'd asked him If he was sure about us and if he had gotten over that girl n he said he was. Now I feel stupid and I don't know whether i should just forgive him or let him go, he's the only guy in my life I tell everything to, no matter what it is, we have no secrets amongst each other, we always tell each other the truth, but this feels like a betrayal cuz he lied to me n gambled with my heart. I'm so hurt, confused and just lost... What should I do?
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Should I let him go?
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