Why is my ex texting me?

I broke up with him a week or so ago. For the last two months of our relationship, he got very busy with work and I understood that but he would forget about me , neglect me when I was going through a very hard personal time that was serious , he just wasn’t there. He lives a few hours away, I met his family and we dated for a year or so. We were very serious and he was the one that pursued the relationship. But the last two months have been rocky as he kept forgetting to phone me or just be supportive in stuff I was going through. The last week of our “relationship “ he said that because of the distance we weren’t really in a relationship and that he “wanted” to be in a relationship with me though and he didn’t want anyone else that he loved me. A couple days after that on the phone he then accidentally said he was “single” and tried to cover that up and said well kind of so I broke up with him
. I felt I was just being strung along. Anyways he has texted since , saying I know you don’t want to hear from me but I was wondering how you are. I responded a few hours later saying good how are and then he didn’t responde to the next day. The next day he said he was okay, that he was working long days. I didn’t respond. Then a couple hours after that he said hey , I didn’t respond again. Today he texted again and said hey , and that thanks for ignoring me yesterday it was kind of important that we talk. So I texted back a couple hours later and said sorry I was busy and to have a good day. Then four hours after that he said hey, how r u, so an hour later I said good thanks and you? And now he hasn’t replied. What is he doing here?
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It can't be because he wants sex or whatever’s because he knows for a fact he won’t get far that way and anyways he lives four hours away, any other suggestions as to why. I feel he’s messing with my head or something
Why is my ex texting me?
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