Would he commit to a second date if he wasn't interested or is he just being nice?

I met this guy only a few weeks ago and we texted/called each other every day for about a week and then we decided to go out. Our date went really well, I thought. The conversation went smoothly, we laughed a lot and had a good time with no awkward moments. The next few days we texted a bit (both of us initiating conversation). Everything was going well and I took the bull by the horns and asked for a second date. I texted him "I had a really nice time on Sunday. I'd like to see you again, if you're interested." He quickly replied "Would definitely like to do it again!" So I was feeling good. The next few days, however, our conversations seemed to be lacking enthusiasm from his side. He wasn't initiating calls or texts. I backed off and didn't speak with him for three days (longest time without speaking since we exchanged numbers). Still nothing from him. In an effort to figure him out I texted him "If you're still interested, would you want to get together sometime this weekend?" He replied that he would like to. So he wants to see me again but his actions say otherwise. So is he just being nice or is he actually interested? Would a guy commit to another date if he isn't interested? I'm confused...


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  • Honesty rarely get a second chance maybe the mood will be a little less tense and awkard and you two can clear the air on somethings


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