An ex coming back?

Hello everyone. I would really appreciated some advice.
I was seeing this guys for about 7 months I was totally in love with him, but I had a feeling he didn’t felt the same way. Anyway he told me he needed time. And after 3 weeks I knew he was with someone else. He contacted me again and I don’t know how I should act. Please someone help.
I still love him but I can’t afford to get hurt again I think he only want to have sex with me we never had sex before.
1 y
Thanks for your opinion. I feel so lost. Don’t know what to do. He said he realized that he had really Strong’s feelings for me, but that very first night he was asking me to go to his house.
At some point I was thinking maybe he doesn’t want to be with me because I don’t want to have sex with him. But I worry Is i do he will still leave.
An ex coming back?
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