Have you ever caught your parents cheating?

Beware explicit detail.

I'm not sure if I consider this cheating or not but..
My parents separated twice before they divorced..

The first separation happened when I was about 10 years old.
I was in elementary school.
My dad had left.. My mom invited some man over
I didn't think twice about it.. I was only 10.

They went in the basement and slept.
In the middle of the night I couldn't sleep so I decided to go sleep with my mom..
All I remember seeing was the guy sitting down on the couch in the basement with his pants down and my mom crouching between his lap.. I went back upstairs before they saw me

The 2nd time I was 12.
My mom had a different guy over...
I was looking for her and couldn't find her.. So I went in her room.. I should've knocked but I wasn't thinking...
This is an image I won't ever forget..

I walked in on my mom giving him oral sex..
She turned and looked at me..
I literally saw his junk fall out of her mouth... That Image is stuck and still haunts me.
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Have you ever caught your parents cheating?
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