Why does my boyfriend sometimes tell me I’m better than him?

Sometimes when we’re laying in bed together, he’ll tell me all the ways that I am better than him, he says “you’re smarter, and kinder, and more aware and more generous, and you are much more better looking than me” and etc. he also sometimes says “i like you more than you like me!” Which isn’t true, you can really judge how much more someone likes the other. Maybe he is more head over heels than I am, because, I’m his first girlfriend and I’ve dated more guys before and I’ve had 2 bfs who were bad partner, so, I try not to let my emotions and hormones cloud my vision. I still show him attention, and a lot of it. I compliment him all the time, and I’m really affectionate with him! I like him a lot, and i get sad when he tells me I’m better than him, and that he likes me more than I do him.

I think maybe it’s an insecurity thing, because also sometimes he teases me about other guys, and when I first met my boyfriend I was letting go of my ex. So, i told my boyfriend (who wasn’t my boyfriend at the time), that he can date other women while i sort this out. He chose not to. Sometimes he brings up me doing that, even though we weren’t official or having sex, and mentions things like “oh, you probably had sex with him too when you were talking to me”.

He seems like a fairly confident person, but, maybe he gets insecure in relationships?
Why does my boyfriend sometimes tell me I’m better than him?
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