And she is gone?

Ok, i am sorry for asking again and again. But this is annoying.
So i and a girl have been going out for abour half a year, been together for like a month and a half, and broken up for about 2 weeks. She doesn't have time for mem ok i want to try after the summer when time is more to come by. It had just become where we started investing heavy in emotions and she breaks it off. We were broken off for about 2 weeks and we meet up for a round of pool, we talk and we come to an agreement that to stay friends and so and so and end up together in bed. She drops the L-Word and i get carried away and send it back because that is what i feel. Its been 2 days and she hasn't responed to any of my messages or anything. Its weird and i am feeling she is intentionally ignoring me. We are grown people and i feel things should be more mature. Can you explain what is happening. please.
1 y
And people would say just let her go, but it is not as easy as that. Seriously. I love this girl, and we did really have a future together. But time is no issue. and staying friends over the summer is no problem for me.
And she is gone?
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