What does it mean when an ex says this?

so yeah I currently have a boyfriend and he's good to me but I was and am still in love with my ex. So I called him the other day to see how he was doing and maby get back together. he said call me when your single again. cause he herd a guy in the background.what dose it mean when he says that


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  • I think what your EX said is very clear.

    You have a boyfriend & you're bitc*ing/crying or wateva trying to get your ex back.

    While the poor guy "bf" is blind & absolutely will get feelings for you & has no idea about that EX.

    Stop playing with that poor man's feelings & choose 1 thing from two choices.

    1-Stay with the boyfriend & forget about the ex & never call him.

    2- Do a favour & break up with that great boyfriend before he gets feelings for you & hurt.Then go run after your EX & kiss his foot if you want & do wateva you want!

    Because I think that poor boyfriend deserves to be treated way better.

    By the way ..

    Your user name is really really reeeeeeeally horrible & it only says you are whore.

    Do you know what the word "WHORE" means?

    You better change it.

    Im not trying to be mean or anything I just wanted to tell you.


    • @ Question Asker: if you want to call yourself like this... whatever! I'm pretty much with "Justmean"... be honest with your bf... he doesn't deserve you if you are just playing with his heart!

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  • it means call him when you're single! come on, don't be a jerk. you said your boyfriend was a nice guy. let him down easy at least.

  • it probably means that he doesn't want to talk to you until you are single

  • He was acting jealous, insecure etc...

  • youre being a playa. you're into your guy, yet you still like your ex. why are you even talking to your ex in the first place. you're ex's, ex's don't talk. I'm surprised either one want/ed to date you. you're pathetic

    • she is a WHOOORE !

    • he was the one who called me #23 times and no I'm not making that # up my phone was broke and so I was using a diff phone so when I got me new one back I decided to call him back!

    • "you decided to call him back" you had the choice not to. you did. you're a playa

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  • It means : "u can't have your cake and eat it too" ...

  • it means your a WHOOOOOOOOORE !

    • i am NOT a whore it's just a song from papa roach that happend 2 be my fav.

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    • how am I a whore I'm not sleeping around

    • you have a fuucking boyfriend and you wanna get back with your ex ; your a filthy whore ; however he will finger you till you squirt ;)

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