What should I do?

im sorry, its a bit long. but it would be nice if you read my story...

it all started after my mum split from my dad and found someone else. at first, he was nice, but as time went by, he began to take control of the house and family. in my family (immediate family) there is me, my sister, and mum. my sister is older than me by a bit more than a year. I still see my dad a couple of days a week.

anyway, several years ago, life got harder. me and my sister started to get chores to do, which I would willingly do, but getting my sister to do them was an effort... it took about 6 times of asking her nicely, and then about 3 times of yelling at her to do anything. but it just ends up with me doing everything. and its the same to this day. but that's not my main problem. as more time went by, chores got harder and there were a lot more (which I would still do willingly). one night, we (me and my sister) asked if they could ease up on the chores, that ended up with them breaking up, then getting back together. they didn't ease up on the chores.

then this year, back in May, I got caught sexting with my boyfriend, mum took my phone, iPod, internet privilidges, and grounded me, I'm still grounded. I've missed billions of parties, and birthdays, etc etc. they even forced me to break up with him. he is now my ex. I cried myself to sleep for the first month of my grounding.

im not very close to any of my family, except my dad. but I can't talk to him about this. I always turn to my friends when I need someone to talk to, or even just for a hug.

but I just feel so alone and mad...

but I know I haven't got it as bad as some people. and all I have for them are hugs.

any advice would be appreciated. thanks...

my sister is always treated like a princess, even if she fails at school, and does nothing

yet, I'm not treated anywhere near a princess, even if I am in top classes and go really well at school and do everything at home...


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  • K so basically your parents split up, your mums boyfriend is taking over, your getting more and more chores, your grounded and you feel your sister is treated better than you.

    would it be better for you to live at your dads, is that possible?

    if not, Your friends are always there for you, through thick and thin. After all what are friends for?

    They will happily listen and comfort you, I'm sure of it.

    You need to fix things up with both your mum and her boyfriend. I think you should maybe have a good talk to them both about what happened (what you were grounded for) and try and sort things out...even ask what you could do tp make things better and explain how you feel to them. They will want to hear it. There not deliberately making your life miserable, they want the best for you and they are only trying to protect you.

    Explain to your sister that you think it is unfair that you are doing all the chores and ask her to give you a hand...Maybe make a chart of what chores there are and how to even it out..

    Thats pretty much all iv got...hope it helped :)

    Peace out!

    • u make it sound so easy :)

      its not easy for me to talk to any of them (family), about anything

      they don't trust me...

      my friends don't know me as well as they think...

      all they know is that I never put my feelings before theirs

      ive done that my whole life, I don't know how to do much else except help my friends

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    • No problem :)

      Good Luck

    • ill need it

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  • You should really confront your parents, especially your mom and sit her down for a talk.

    You aren't being treated as well as your sister, even thought there's no reason why you shouldn't especially when you are the one doing more work and putting in more effort.

    I think you really need to have better communication with your mom in order for things to get better, so try to tell her how you feel. No matter how much support you may have from your friends, you still need to improve your relationship with your mom in order for you to gain those privileges you lost back. Hope things get better for you.


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