Should I give her another chance?

So I was with this girl for 7 years up until last June.
Tbh, our relationship had many ups and downs. I think most people may see the relationship as toxic as there was violence both ways, way too much drinking, not enough progression in our lives not in our relationship. We didn’t want kids together because of the environment.
On the reverse side, prior to June, neither of us had a drink the whole year, I lost 50 pounds of weight, we started looking after ourselves and as we were best friends our relationship improved massively.
So she miraculously always maintained her job over the years and as part of that she had to travel to Australia for 6 weeks. So the plan was that she would be over there for a month, I would fly out for the last couple of weeks of her working and we would stay on for another 3 weeks and travel round Australia.
Now, I am the most trusting male that possibly exists in the world. I genuinely have a mantra that I trust you as a person 100% until you give me any reason not to. So while I was obviously going to miss her, when she asked me if I opposed the idea (it wasn’t a compulsive trip) I knew how much it would benefit her career and long term prospects so said she had to go.
Not in a million years did her cheating on me ever cross my mind - we always agreed if anything ever happened with someone else we would tell the other person and if it was possible, we would work through it.
I maintained that from my side - I kissed another girl 6 months in to the relationship and told her that, apologised, said it would never happen again and it didn’t.
So she heads off to Australia, the first week is super sweet, wants to talk all the time which is difficult due to a 9 hour time difference.
But second week in, she tells me about going to a strip club with another guy and that she feels weird because she has started to develop feelings towards him, I shouldn’t worry, she loves me so much she would never do anything and crazily, don’t worry.
1 y
Well my VISA got delayed. It only put my trip back a week but after hearing about her liking someone else, unsurprisingly, I didn’t want to go out and visit her. The money was irrelevant.
So cue the worst month of my life. I barely ate anything, couldn’t sleep, I went in to a dark place and she drifted, barely sending a message, despite me seeing her on whatsapp continually.
So she comes back, tells me she doesn’t want us to be together anymore
1 y
Being in Australia made her look at the relationship differently. For 2 days that was. Then she changes her mind, says she wants to work on the relationship, nothing happened, she loves me and let’s try again.
Tbh, I am not a stupid guy. I don’t want to believe everything she says but she convinced me. She can look at my face and lie. But I have this doubt in my mind. So when her work laptop was sitting open, i go into her email address and bang - here it is. Pictures or her kissing the other
Should I give her another chance?
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