Ex is jealous - can I get him back?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 4 months ago. I agreed to the break-up and we did not have contact for a while. Then he asked me to catch up. In the beginning, I refused. Then he asked again and I agreed to have a drink. It was fun, but when he asked me how I see him, whether I see him as a friend, I told him I did not see him as a friend. He told me that he thought we could be friends. That night, he texted me that he enjoyed talking to me. The next day I texted him that I had fun too, but told him again that I can't be friends with him and that it's all or nothing. I told him that I realized what he means to me and that I think about him, especially when I'm with other men. Last weekend when I was going out I run into a friend of him. We had a good time, nothing special. Now I heard he told this guy, as well as a friend of mine of whom he must know that she would tell me, that he did not like us hanging out. Also, I saw him with college and he was very enthousiastic to see me. It seems like he's jealous. But I have to add that after college I saw him with another girl and they seemed to like each other. So why would he care about me?! Obviously I hope he still has feelings for me. Does this mean anything; is there anything I can do to get him back? Or is he just being selfish?


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    If you are carrying a baby that was caused by HIS SPERM, then HE-WILL-HAVE-NO-CHOICE:

    1. He will owe you child support for the next TWENTY-ONE-YEARS! - He will be your unlimited, personal ATM for the next two decades!

    2. Or, to avoid court-ordered child support he will have to live with you and the baby and support both of you financially anyway, so trust me, if you can get his to ejaculate his semen inside of your vagina without being on birth control, then chances are HE WILL BE YOUR SLAVE FOR THE NEXT TWEO DECADES!

  • Yes, he definitely still has feelings for you, but you're doing something that's pushing him away..maybe you're not telling the whole story.. I was in the same exact situation but lost my ex to another person.. don't mess up like I did and listen to this girl ==> link

    • what do you think I could do best? not let anything hear from me again?

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