So I don't get it?-Why doesn't he just say that he likes someone more than me instead of excuses?

You say you like me and would love to date me/be with me and tell me that you wanna do all these sexual things and stuff then tell me you c me as a friend and that there is someone else in the picture. So how can you like someone but c them as a friend at the same time? That's contradicting. Why would a guy do that? But then say you weren't trying to lead me on.


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  • It sounds like the guy just likes to lead you on. He probably likes the idea that someone likes or wants to be with him. Basically he just likes the attention.

    • well I told him that I didn't want to be his friend and nothing at all. But we were friends at first. We've never done anything and we would talk everyday via phone/text, messaging, skype,ect and I told him how I felt and why didn't he tell me that when I told him how I felt. He said that he sees me as just a friend not but the days b4 he was signaling that he like me.

What Girls Said 1

  • Because guys and girls have different levels of "like". For girls we typically like someone as either a friend or potential relationship. For guys, they have an extra level, which is as a sexual partner. That level includes some sort of friendship, or, really, friendliness, and sex but no potential for a relationship. Even girls who like a guy for sex usually see that tied towards heading into a relationship, though not always.

    So, this guy is keeping his options open for a hookup with you. Set him straight if his plan is not appreciated.

    • Actually we were friends and we have never done anything sexually not even kissed. But he said that he liked me and would love to date me but says there's someone else in the picture and that he sees me as a friend now-one who he can talk to about things. So I don't understand. But anyways I told him I don't want to be friends or anything else with him. Its obvious that he just wants to be with her and try to keep me around as a friend again in case it don't work out. He'll regret this. Ugh...

    • I did not think you did anything, but you said he would tell you all these sexual things he wanted to do with you. That is not a guy who is trying to be friends or have a relationship. That is a guy who is trying to keep the option open of having sex with you without any intention of a relationship. I think you made a great choice in detaching yourself from him. I have no doubt he would use you to make himself feel better if things don't work out with her.

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