I like my ex's brother?

I'm 18 and I like a 21 year old. when I was in grade 9 (14) I dated a grade 8 (13), we only dated for 3 months and now 4 years later I'm head over heels for his older brother. My ex has show some interest lately in me again but I'm not interested (I refuse to date younger then 20 since I'm used to 20 and older). Should I still go for the older brother?


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  • 1. you're shallow for caring about age like that.

    2. his brother will never date you.

    • how the f*** is that shallow?

    • maybe that was the wrong word. it's stupid to think everyone under 20 is immature and everyone over 20 is mature.

    • He's right. It's rather juvenile to assume the character of a person based on circumstances they cannot help.

      QA, have a lemon. Oh, go for the kill. If you don't, all this "head over heels" chatta is gahbage.

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