How many times is too many times?

I've asked this girl out four times. I didn't even specifically ask as a date. I just asked if she wanted to go wherever with me. Every time she has said something like these:

1. I'm with all of these girls right now, but I wish I could.

2. I'm already at (mall), but I would've liked to.

Every time I say maybe next time or some other time and she says definitely or of course. Tonight she couldn't go out, but she offered to sneak out (she's still in high school, barely.)

It seems like she is trying, but at the same time it's frustrating because it happens every time. And I will say that these are spur of the moment asks, but we've made plans twice: the first one we both had things come up and the second one she didn't want to ditch her friends so she spent the day with them. So I'm just wandering if I should keep asking/trying to plan or find someone else.

How many times is too many times?
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