How do I ask my boyfriend for a break?

I feel like my boyfriend and I really need a break. He seems bored of me, he invites me over to his house but that’s all we do anymore. He vocalizes how bored he is, asks what I want to do but when I throw suggestions at him he says he doesn’t want to do those things (like games/going out)

and he's been just flat out ignoring me when I come over lately, he’s fine with texting and is always saying he can’t wait to see me but when I get there he’s more interested in doing anything else but being affectionate with me.

i just sense that he’s bored, and I feel as though we’ve been distant. When we meet up we have almost nothing to talk about and it’s lots of awkward silences now, (yet he wants to see me lots, when it’s pretty much the same cycle all the time)

we have our senior prom coming up on Saturday, (we’re in high school but he’s younger, I just graduate but he’s in grade 11) and I honestly plan to break up with him (or at least suggest a break) after it’s over. I want to sit him down, and talk about this. How do I do this? I’ve never dumped someone and I’m NOT doing it over text.

weve been dating for over 5 months and I’m not sure if he’ll be angry or sad with me (note, he has bad anger problems and it scares me sometimes when he gets mad at other things)
How do I ask my boyfriend for a break?
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