Would a guy ever commit to a second date even if he wasn't interested?

I got a second date but he doesn't act very interested. I can't seem to figure him out. What's up?

We haven't gone on the second date yet, but we have vague plans to get together this weekend. I just don't want to go through with it if it's a pitty date or whatever. So would he commit if he wasn't interested?


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  • No he would not commit if he wasn't interested but maybe since its too early and yall had just one date, just go on this second date and see how it goes. If he is still acting funny, ask him what's wrong? Don't ask are you really intereted or I feel that you are not into me. Don't say that because you could be toitally wrong and then he will think that you are insecure. Just ask what is it and that you notice that he seems like somethin is bothering him and if he can't give you a definite answer, leave it alone and finish out the date and when it is over, and you felt like he wasn't into the date with you, drop him because he is makin it very clear that he is not interested anymore just by his actions or maybe he is really going through something and it is affecting yalls time together and that yall chill for a while so he can get that situation takin care of. Overall, deep down inside you will know whether he is actin distant because of disinterets or a personal issue in his life. Do not chase him ever, let the dog chase the cat which is how it should be. If you don't hear from him much or at all, there you go right there-he wasnt. Confrontaion for most people is very hard and they either show you by there actions or just disappear but can't seem to just tell you because they think it will hurt your feelings when really by not tellin you anything and being cold or walking out is just as hurtful. However, the truth hurts but at least you have closure


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  • I think you should try it out agian; and if this one doesn't work out than may be you shouldn't after that. But may be he was having a bad day or nervous. give me another chance.

  • He may just have nothing else to do and is slowly losing interest in you and that sucks. He is just not that into and was willing to go again to see if maybe he'll get more interested but eveidently he is just not feelin you much.

  • yes. did he ask you out again?

    he could have been polite and felt bad canceling so showed up for the date without really meaning it. it's possible, but anything is possible. he could have been really interested but had a bad day and was distracted, therefore seeing uninterested

    • no, I actually took the bull by the horns and initiated a second date to kind of feel him out. I told him I'd like to get together again if he was interested and if he wasn't than no big deal. I was fully prepared to get turned down but he said he would like to get together again but since then he hasn't initiated conversation or anything like normal...so what's the deal?

    • maybe he's waiting for you to set a time and place since you initiated it

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