If you hate the music your boyfriend/girlfriend listens to, would you break up?

I mean, I just want to know about how other people feel. I really can't stand his music. It's really irritating to me, and it's full of angst. That's not the reason I would leave him, but it doesn't feel like we are really into similar things. What would you do if that is the situation? And of course being there with him he is still playing this stuff even if I don't like it. Hate listening to it.


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  • that sucks. You guys need to just focus on things you have in common.

    For example:

    My guy loves these things that I don't:

    1. video games

    2. zombie related movies and video games

    3. apocalyptic movies

    4. other strange movies that I don't like

    so I just try to avoid doing those things with him and he can do them on his own

    These are the things I like that he doesn't

    1. asian food

    2. korean dramas and chinese movies

    3. praise and worship music

    4. walt disney movies and other cute cartoons like charlie brown

    So I try to do these things without him, because he would complain and stuff (keeping points etc... we always do what you want to do!).

    So the things we do do together are:

    1. he plays his video games with head phones on while I'm watching a movie on a different laptop

    2. he plays his video games in the living room while I'm surfing the web

    3. we barely eat out at asian restaurant and if we do I have to hurry it up

    4. we try not to watch any movies together, if we do one of us is complaining the whole time and then we just end up having sex a whole bunch of time and missing the movie...

    so all I'm saying is... you'll have to work around it some how if you really love the person.

    • Hey that sux tho :( you are doing stuff together with him as in you're in the same room, but your not doing things together. that ends up what its like for me too, I'm in the same room as him, and all we can do is talk and eat together, all the other stuff he refuses to do with me. we can't play any game together, because he has a bad temper so he can't stand losing. can't go out because his back will hurt or get tired or something. I should have really described my question better, its not his music.

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  • You should find other things you have in common. Breaking up with someone because of their music is sort of a shallow thing to do. If you don't like it, ask him to put on some headphones. Find some way to coexist with each other and your differences. I listen to music that very few people listen to, but the thing is that no one really knows what kind of music I listen to because I keep it to myself. If I can do that, then you two can certainly find a way to be together and listen to whatever music you'd like to listen to.

    Besides, this angst that you mentioned adds depth and meaning to the music. It's really exciting if you find a certain beauty in it :) But that doesn't matter, you should first find a way to cope with his music, as I'm sure he copes with yours (or something you do).

    • we have some things in common. we like healthy food. we eat nearly the same stuff. It's not because of what music he listens to, but if I don't like his music, he will still play it loud WITHOUT headphones. It's more the lack of consideration for me. I don't play any music in my house when he's there. I also don't do other stuff while he's there. sometimes he's in the middle of a game and I can't disturb him. Well I understand the angst thing, its just not everyone wants to listen to the same music

    • Then yeah, it sounds like he's not being considerate of you. You need to talk to him about finding some common ground between the two of you.

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  • wtf why would you break up with someone who you liked JUST BECAUSE you didn't like there music. how shallow!

    • If he's playing stuff you hate all the time while you are together, its OK for u? it doesn't irritate you if he continues to play music you hate?

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    • I don't know. we kind of have other problems. I guess that's why stuff hurts so much sometimes. Like if we drift apart. Have to have something in common and working and happy to keep us together. Sometimes it is really happy, just gets sad when there's stuff that doesn't work. and he's really unhappy sometimes and listens to things that are depressing and the music is almost like angry and sad and so is he sometimes. I think its mostly because I can't handle the moodiness.

    • oh I'm sorry to hear... I wish I could help more! but what can I do? were only human.. its hard when someones climbing up the ladder while the other is falling

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