He broke up with me but won't give me my stuff back?

So me and the ex were together for nearly a year. We were arguing quite a bit before he broke up with me. We both had a part to play, he shouted at me a lot. I wanted to work through our differences and he didn't.
He broke up with me by email (I kid you not). Then this happened:

1. I replied with "I wanted to work through this with you as I believed our love was true... I will not stop you from walking away if that is what you want. I have been true and honest to you". I then asked for my stuff back and told him that my mum's boyfriend can give him his and that I won't be home so he would not have to see me.

2. He ignored It, I sent another text 2 days later telling him that I want my stuff back and that he can drop it off when I won't be home to avoid any bitterness. Nothing.

I wasn't manipulative, cruel, nasty or psycho to him. I loved him completely and tried my best at the relationship.
I don't understand why he's drawing this out? He broke up with me so why is he not just giving my stuff to me to end it once and for all?
And I need this stuff back.. its important. He has my house keys, my dad's house keys, owes me £80 (I know he has it as he just got paid and a few items like my expensive nike trainers at his).
What is he playing at... its been 4 days now?
1 y
4. I unfriended him on facebook 2 days later and deleted most of the pictures. I kept 2 pictures as they were of us before we got serious. I think this was the right thing to do as I need to move on. I will not pine for someone who doesn't want or love me enough. So why won't he just give my stuff back?
He broke up with me but won't give me my stuff back?
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