Why does he refuse to talk to me?

I had an amazing story with a guy who lived in my city only for a few months. As he moved back to his home country we remained in touch, we were and became even more close. We got to see each other rarely but we did. I fell hard for him, and unless he’s the worst liar in the world, he fell hard for me too. Not only he said it with words, I could tell it from how he looked me deeply in the eyes when we were together, from the way he kissed me, held my hand whenever possible, from the way he had sex with me and from the way he was sweet and caring in a way that I would never have expected from a big manly guy like him.

One day, I finally decided to tell him I wanted something more. He said he didn’t want a long distance relationship because we lived too far away from each other and became distant. I told him I considered that to mean things between us were over.

He soon started dating someone new. We stayed in touch as friends for a while, but he grew “angry” at me and eventually blocked me on all social media and asked me not to talk to him anymore.

Why is he doing this?
Why does he refuse to talk to me?
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