Have you ever lectured someone you 'talked' to or dated?

Okay, so usually when you break up with someone or even so much as just have a bad turning point in the 'talking' stage, there is often times something you find significantly wrong with that person. Do you ever just give a bit of 'legitimate advice' to the other party, which you know they may well hate, even if following it would help them. Especially in the case of their future attempts to find a SO who isn't already somewhat disgusted by their actions, like you probably were.
It's always a waste of time.
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Only when it is a more polite ending
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Only if I really want them to know why they suck
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I always enjoy giving 'polite' advice to those who need it
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It is NOT my place to advise others how to live their lives
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Always give a good lecture, just to show dominance
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Have you ever lectured someone you 'talked' to or dated?
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