My guy has broke up for no reason. He just doesn't want to talk to me even. How do I get him back?

This guy has been with me for 2 years but when I went home for the vacation, I was not able to contact him.When I came back he does not answer my calls or anything.Once or twice, we met and he had different reasons both the times. Once he said, He is a bad guy for me and that I should not spoil my life on him.The other time it was that I have ruined his life ! I am left confused.Also he is a bit too flirtatious. Tell me what to do if I want all his attention to be mine.


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What Guys Said 1

  • That's weird.. Something is up with him maybe it's another girl.. this girl can give you some good pointers ==> link

    • hey thanks, but I know for sure it is not some other girl involved.and I really really want to get him back !

What Girls Said 1

  • Try to be the one who ignores hims, give him space. If he wants you he will come back if not then you are better off without him!

    • yes, he has space but I am afraid he might move on !

    • He he really wants you he wont...

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