Thinking about the ex, while with a new perfect guy?

My ex and I dated for 7 years. We broke up about 3 months ago. No apparent reason. Just that we are seniors in college, haven't dated anyone else, and there wasn't a spark anymore he would say. I was devastated, but when I started to feel better I started talking to this guy I have in one of my classes. We have been hanging out for about a month, and he is AMAZING. So nice, So caring. Loves my friends, and does the cutest things for me. I know I should appreciate all of this. the thing is, I can't help but not think about my ex. I don't think I want my ex, but I just sometimes think about if he would treat me as good as my new guy. Its really hard because I should just take this next step. Who wouldn't. but it was 7 years, which takes a lot of new things to get used to. I think maybe this starting over thing has me scared. He really is an amazing guy, and has accepted all of these issues. I just want to know if what I am feeling is normal. I don't want to lose this new guy over memories, and what not.


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  • Yep, it is hard to forget about an ex and it takes time! Don't worry, right now is the BEST place to be. You've broken up with your ex and you like a new guy. You've moved on a bit and that's good. You shouldn't expect to be over him after 7 years. Take your time and get to know this new guy in and out before you go out with him so that you don't have to make a mistake with another guy. Honestly, I think that everything you're experiencing is normal. The more and more you hang out and get to know this new guy, the more you'll let go of your ex. And don't jump into a relationship with this new and amazing guy. Even if he is amazing, you don't want him to be the rebound guy. Just go on with your daily life, hang out with this new guy and your friends and slowly you'll get over your ex. It's natural to take time, but what helps (and you're lucky in this scenario) is that you're interested in this new guy and he's interested in you. He sounds like a really genuine person. Get to know him well, though. Make sure you find the ins and outs of his personality and think about whether he'll be the guy for you. And don't do anything if you're not ready. If he's the sweet person he is and genuine, then if he asks you out and you're not ready, he'll understand if you explain that you really like him but you want to take things slow since you're trying to get over your ex of 7 years. If he's as amazing as you said, he'll respect that and continue showing affection until you're ready to move on. Way to go! :)


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