How over are we. any way I could fix this?

This message has been erased and re written about 40 times tonight. I can’t stop thinking about it so I figured I needed to send it. I woke up cuz I needed to unplug my phone so it didn’t charge all night, and literally can’t stop thinking about it sooo... sending I suppose.
I’ve been thinking a lot over the last week. I’m going to cancel our reservations. With a dinner like that comes expectations and honestly I can’t meet them. I cannot give you what you want. I can’t give you what you expect out of me and I’m sorry. I truly am. You want someone, that I am not capable of being. Something I will never be for you. And it’s not fair to you. I’m really sorry. Everything I said, I thought was true. I didn’t intentionally Iike lead you on and make you think this could work, I believed in my heart that it could. And it can’t. I’m not mad at you or anything. And NOTHING “happened” to make me write this. But i understand if that is how you are mad at me. I can’t hurt you anymore. I shouldn’t be in your life anymore. I don’t want to keep disappointing you. You deserve better.

You’re going to make someone an amazing partner. amazing soldier, an amazing lawyer, and an amazing jumper. I love you with my whole being. And I’m so, so fucking proud of you. Don’t ever forget that plesse

Going back to sleep phone on silent
How over are we. any way I could fix this?
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