What should I do? I’m lost on what to do?

I am a young mom of two, thought I had found the one but was being lied to the whole time. So, I fell out of love and focus on being a mom and obtaining my degree. I decided to get back into the dating scene and met a guy who is Asian, I’m black. I personally didn’t believe we was gonna hit it off but we did and had so much in common. I always wake up to morning texts and all, I was able to build the courage to tell him that I am a mom (the following week). When I did, he accepted it and was okay with it, he met my daughter and she was kind enough to give him a hug. After that, we both felt our feelings were becoming stronger, We spoke everyday for three months saw each other every other day, went out on dates. i felt protected and happy until a couple of nights ago he told his parents about me because he spent the night after not seeing me for a couple of days. So they wondered who he was meeting, It seem like they were okay with everything until the mention of kids. He’s three years older than me by the way, I’m 26 and he’s 29.
He said he wasn’t going to give up. The last thing I told him was I understand and decided to give him some space (2 days). By the third day no response so I wrote him just thanking him for the memories we had and apologized for the “supposed” rift that may have taken place, but the label “delivered” never showed under the message. I’m a bit hurt and will like for an explanation. I fell for him and he fell for me too (accOrding to him), I don’t want to move on assuming he won’t come back.

We were intimate after having a talk about what we wanted, we both wanted a serious relationship
What should I do? I’m lost on what to do?
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