Am I just wasting my time or can something really happen with us?

okay so I started talking to this guy in July and stuff and about a month or two later he told me he liked me and I told him I liked him back. we lived in 2 different towns so it was hard to meet up. but in September I moved outta state and we kinda stopped texting each other. about a week ago I found out he missed me and wanted me to text him, but I texted him the next day instead of that day and he didn't answer. He was the first guy I ever really connected with and he was the first guy to ever say stuff about me like your amazing and stuff like that.

I'm not sure if I should text him or not, I'm kinda nervous to. but is it a waste of time to even bother with him anymore? or should I keep trying? please help me out and let me now what you think...thanks


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  • you already texted him and he didn't reply. leave it alone

    • Since you already texted him and he didn't reply I think you should let it go. Because if he really did like you and miss you wouldn't he have called yu or texted you at the very least?

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